A Message To Our Guests


B&B Theatres is committed to maintaining safe, clean, and approachable facilities. The health of employees and guests is an exclusive priority. In light of current global and domestic health concerns, aggressive and heightened cleaning protocols and routines have been recently implemented across the B&B circuit. Now, in keeping with CDC recommendations regarding ‘social distancing’, B&B Theatres is taking steps to reduce the total number of guests in auditoriums at any one time and to ensure that additional space is available for guests in lobbies.
Starting March 14, 2020, B&B Theatres locations nationwide will sell no more than 50% of each auditorium’s capacity for any given scheduled showtime. This modification will allow for extra space to be maintained in concession lines and auditoriums, plus reduce any potential guest congestion in restrooms or lounges.
While B&B has not been required by any authority to enact this change, the company believes this 50% reduction, coupled with the enhanced cleaning procedures, hand-washing protocols, staff messaging, and various other aggressive prevention efforts will help to further ensure that each facility is clean, safe, and accessible for guests to enjoy with friends and family.
In order to increase the efficacy of these and other like efforts, B&B Theatres has strictly mandated that any employee who feels ill or is exhibiting symptoms not come to work, and that potential guests who feel so affected stay home or seek appropriate medical attention.