Available at the below locations

Liberty Cinema 12
Overland Park 16
Ridgeland Northpark 14
Athens 12


ScreenX is the world’s first multi-projection immersive cinematic platform, exploding the moviegoer’s viewing experience by expanding the onscreen action onto the sidewalls of the auditorium and creating a totally comprehensive visual experience that’s got to be seen to be believed!

B&B Theatres operates four of the largest ScreenX venues in the world at two of the company’s premier theater locations (Liberty, Missouri / Ridgeland, Mississippi / Athens, GA and Overland Park, Kansas), each on the respective facility’s Premium Large Format (PLF)  B&B THEATRES GRAND SCREENS.

Speaking of the implementation of this groundbreaking technology, B&B Theatres President Bob Bagby said, “Our guests will be blown away by the immersive experience of ScreenX!”.  Executive Vice President Brock Bagby added, “ScreenX coupled with our B&B Grand Screen has created the most immersive movie-going experience imaginable. This breaks barriers into a new realm of cinema presentation and we are so excited to operate the largest ScreenX systems in the world.”