B&B Theatres is proud to be a leader in the inclusion revolution!

We are excited to offer exceptional inclusive options at locations across the B&B Theatres circuit, including:

  • Free Sensory Backpacks available for rental, enabling individuals with sensory needs to enjoy the magic of the movies
  • Sensory-friendly showtimes featuring brighter lights and lower audio
  • Financial support for Variety: the Children’s Charity by way of our Variety Combos, Gold Heart campaigns, and varied collaborations throughout the year
  • Open Caption showtimes (English dialogue onscreen)
  • Assistive hearing and captioning devices
  • Descriptive audio devices
  • Family restrooms and baby-changing stations

We are always looking to sustainably expand our inclusion efforts.  Please send thoughtful suggestions to contact@bbtheatres.com!

Sensory Friendly Backpacks

Sensory Backpacks, available at the box office for all titles, includes many items to ensure a more inclusive movie going experience for all.

Sensory Friendly Showtimes

young child watching a sensory friendly screening


Everyone deserves the chance to enjoy an experience at the movie theater, but we understand that certain sensitivities can make this challenging. B&B Theatres, however, is committed to creating environments where cinema lovers of all types can watch a movie in comfort and without fear of judgment or rebuke.

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Variety: the Children's Charity

B&B Theatres is proud to operate facilities in wonderful and caring communities across eight states.  To show our commitment to these towns and in an effort to give back, B&B Theatres has developed a series of yearlong drives, promotions, and fundraising efforts to benefit Variety: the Children’s Charity, one of the world’s most compassionate and innovative charitable organizations dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children.  While Variety is an international organization, every dollar raised by B&B Theatres and then contributed to Variety remains in B&B towns, providing services to families and children in need in the communities in which the company operates facilities. 

B&B Theatres has donated and/or raised tens of thousands of dollars annually for Variety, and the charity has enriched communities, strengthened families, and changed lives.  We are grateful to be involved in their outstanding service and proud to call them our exclusive corporate charity.

To learn more about Variety: the children’s charity, please visit http://usvariety.org/

To make a contribution to Variety, please visit http://usvariety.org/donate/

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Assistive Hearing and Captioning Devices

Each location offers Assistive Hearing and Captioning Devices. Stop by the box office/concession stand to request a device!

Open Caption Showtimes & Private Events

Open captions are a text version of the spoken dialogue that are on screen for the duration of the film. 

Open Caption Showtimes: 

In select locations, join us for open caption showtimes! For select films, on Tuesdays around 7pm & Sundays around 4pm we will have Open Caption Showtimes. Look for the "Open Caption" symbol next to showtimes to be sure you're getting tickets for the correct film!

Participating Locations:

Ankeny 12, Blacksburg 11, Bloomington 13, Conway 12, Lee's Summit 16, Liberty 12, Morrisville Park West 14, Overland Park 16, Ozark/Nixa 12, Port Arthur Central Mall 10, Ridgeland Northpark 14, Sedalia Galaxy 10, Shawnee 18, Tulsa Starworld 20, Waynesville Patriot 12, Wentzville Tower 12, Wildwood 10, Wylie 12

Open Caption Private Rentals:

Groups may request an open caption private theatre rental! 

Private Open Caption Event Request



For too long, language has prevented families & couples from coming together at the movies. Now your parents, grandparents, and other friends and family members have the freedom to choose their movie language with the TheaterEars app.  

The TheaterEars app utilizes a new type of technology that enables you to sync to a movie directly through your phone's microphone.  Once the connection is made, audio plays directly through your earbuds in Spanish.

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Request a Sensory Friendly or Open Caption Showtime or Private Event

To ensure a welcoming environment for all, guests may request a Sensory Friendly or Open Caption/Subtitled showtime or private event!

To make your request, please submit this form!

*Showtimes/Private Events must be requested 2 weeks in advance. We will make all efforts to accommodate your request.